Welcome to Monopiny.

Monopiny may not be accustomed to you at first, but Monopiny is a simple, easy-to-work-with platform where everything works through a simple click. You may be a creative, writer, photographer, or store owner – it works for any website.

We measured how long it takes for anyone to open a website on Monopiny, and it took less than 5 minutes only to start posting. From registration to customizing, we have downsized every process to simply build up a website. We also have lots of templates at hands. Migration from one theme to another is just seamless too.

Migrating from Tumblr to Monopiny.

Tumblr is a great place for creatives, and you may be attached to their simple way of building a blog. Monopiny is very similar to Tumblr except that we provide more customizing options for your websites, managed-templates that we update frequently, custom pages such as a tag page, post page, gallery page, contact page, and about page, and many more.

You can migrate your Tumblr blog to Monopiny, but if you do not prefer to do this manually you can send us an email with a brief link of your Tumblr blog attached. We confirm, and rebuild the posts. For further information, refer to this help center article: https://monopiny.dev/help/acco...

Some Tumblr posts such as quotes, chats, or photosets may not be migrated as we do not support them locally.

Monopiny is not an e-commerce platform.

We receive many queries if it's possible to open up a e-commerce store on Monopiny. This is under one of our on-going development goals in the future, and currently Monopiny is suitable for a personal website, or a blog.

It's simple, and that's all.

Monopiny is a simple website builder. From customizing to pages, we made everything simpler than ever. It can be more powerful than building a website out of box.

There's no monthly charge.

We sell templates, and that's all. We do not plan to expand our service to a monthly pricing, and rather we experiment with templates to build them eye-catchy, easy to use, and scalable. That's all our service is about.

Can I use my custom domains?

Yes. you should use your custom domains if you are serious about your website. For further information on using domains on your Monopiny website, refer to this article: https://monopiny.com/help/cust...

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]