Tag page

Updated at Tuesday, January 12, 2021 8:38 AM

You'd have posts with different tags such as Minimal, or Design. Monopiny supports an in-app tag page – you'd see them in /tag/minimal or /tag/design, but can a page have multiple tagged posts? Yes! That's what a tag page is for.

Tag your posts first.

How to tag on Monopiny.

Notice that your tag page deem mIniMaL, Minimal, minimal, MInImaL as minimal. A tag page catches all these posts no matter how much it's weirdly formatted.

Creating a tag page.

Create your tag page on your custom page editor. 

Create your tag page on your custom page editor.

You can type as many tags as you want, but it won't show any duplicate posts - your post can have multiple tags, but it won't show your post multiple times.