Customize panel.

Updated at Wednesday, January 13, 2021 12:36 PM

We keep every procedure simple to build a website, but Monopiny is still all about customization. Sometimes it's more powerful, and simpler than building a website out of box. So how do you start to customize your website on Monopiny? 

Method1 : Through your avatar context menu on the header.

How to access my customize page on Monopiny through the avatar context menu.

You'd see a list of shortcuts to the pages for your followers, website, and customization panel. Click "Customize Website" to continue.

Method 2: Go to your website, and click 'Edit template'.

How to access my customize page through my website on Monopiny.

Make sure you save your options whenever you make a change to your template look. Any blank inputs in a custom link, or social media link will be ignored if no text provided.