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Migrating Tumblr with Monopiny.

Posted on Sunday 01 January, 2021 5:29 AM Updated 1 year ago

Monopiny is very similar to Tumblr, but it's more to the personal website rather than a social network. If you are on Tumblr, and looking for any ways to build a website while keeping all the posts on your Tumblr blog, Monopiny is the solution. Migrating your Tumblr blog to Monopiny is done request by request. You send an email with your Tumblr blog, and we send a link to authorize your Tumblr blog to export the data, and move it to Monopiny.

Before you send an email to us, there are some things you should consider before migrating it. 

  • All your Tumblr posts will be posted as new.
  • Some posts such as Tumblr photosets will not be migrated as we don't support this. This includes. chats, or Tumblr video.
  • Quotes are considered as text posts, and will be exported to a text post.
  • We check videos posts, and if they are not linked well, or currently not available. We do not export these. Videos includes music posts such as Soundcloud widgets, or Spotify. 
  • We filter out any explicit content as we do not allow it. 
  • We do not have access to your personal information such as login information. Tumblr does not explicitly allow any access to this information.

When you are ready to export, contact us at [email protected] You may fill out a form here too:

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